Common Heart Ailments the Elderly Should Avoid

common-heart-ailments-the-elderly-should-avoidHeart diseases remain the leading cause of death in the world. That said, the elderly should observe preventive measures to avoid the development of heart ailments -for these might cause their unprecedented mortality.

What are the most prevalent heart diseases? Below are some examples.

Heart attack, or myocardial infarction, being first on the list, happens when the heart stops working due to the low oxygen supply it needs to operate. It occurs due to plaque buildup in the coronary arteries, or atherosclerosis, causing a blood clot and heart attack.

Next is heart failure, wherein the heart does not pump blood at enough rate for continuous body function.

Another one is arrhythmia, or the abnormal rhythm of the heart, which may be too slow or too fast.

Then the heart valve complications; stenosis is when the heart valves do not open enough to allow blood to flow normally, and regurgitation is when the valves do not close properly, enabling blood to leak through.

As providers of Home Health Services in Carolina, we advise the elderly to avoid smoking, prevent obesity, control blood pressure, and promote cardiac health and an active lifestyle. These measures are essential for longevity and a healthy continuity of life.

In addition, provide Compassionate Care and witness happy seniors flourish.

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