Delicious Tips to Keep Your Senior Healthy

Maintaining good health can prevent untimely diseases that may hinder them from living to the fullest in their golden years. If they’re unwell all the time, how can they properly age in place with the family they treasure the most?

Ideal Home Health Services Inc. has the answer you are looking for.

As a trusted home health care in Durham, North Carolina, we provide dependable and holistic care that addresses our clients’ every need. Our home care nursing services ensure that your elderly loved one gets to achieve life goals with vitality and strength.

Our home health services in Carolina can help your loved ones meet their dietary needs. With the assistance of our trained caregivers, seniors will continue to eat healthily to further prevent disease and life-threatening illnesses.

Some delicious, nutritious food tips we recommend are:

  • Eat foods that give lots of nutrients without many calories like whole grains, fruits and veggies, fat-free or low-fat milk, seafood, lean meats, poultry, eggs, beans, seeds, and nuts.
  • Avoid empty calories from junk food like chips, baked goods, candy, soda, and alcohol.
  • Eat foods that are low in calories and fats, especially saturated and trans fats.
  • Drink the daily recommended glasses of water. To spice things up, you may also infuse your water with fruits like berries and citrus, as well as cucumbers.

Aside from these yummy changes to the pantry, we also make sure that seniors stay physically active every day. Seniors can still keep up with their activity through walks and jogging outside.

Paired with compassionate care, we hope to help your family achieve greater health and comfort at home and in the community. To learn more tips, feel free to send us a message at

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