Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors Aging at Home


Smart food choices and healthy eating practices can help seniors reduce their risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. It will also help them preserve their mobility, strength, and functionality, allowing them to remain independent longer. Here are some healthy eating tips for your elderly loved ones aging at home:

  • Eat More Protein
    Aging bodies process protein less efficiently, resulting in unwanted strength & muscle loss. Seniors can offset this by adding more protein to their meals. Healthy sources of protein they should consider include chicken breast, fatty fish, beans, and lentils.
  • Have a Helping of Fruits and Veggies With Every Meal
    Fruits and vegetables provide seniors with valuable vitamins and minerals, reducing the risk of nutrient deficiencies. They are also good sources of fiber which can promote cardiovascular and gut health. Delicious fruits and vegetables to include during mealtimes include kale, apples, berries, and broccoli. We provide in-home aide services in Durham, North Carolina, to help seniors address health issues by encouraging smart eating choices and more.
  • Read Nutrition Labels
    Reading nutrition labels can help seniors look for important nutrients and avoid adding too much sugar, fats, and sodium to their meals. It can also help them track calories to help them avoid unwanted weight gain or loss.

We offer home health care in North Carolina to help seniors address health issues at home and encourage healthy lifestyle practices like mindful eating practices. For more information, call Ideal Home Health Services Inc. at 919-937-9964.

Our home health services include Health Care Solutions, Home Care Nursing Services, and Private Duty Nursing.

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