Occupational Therapy

Occupational Skills in Durham, North Carolina

Occupational Therapy focuses on the client’s recovery of self-care skills and work skills. The goal is to provide the client with supportive care, personalized therapy and direct assistance so that he or she may regain the occupational skills that were compromised by a health condition or injury.

The therapy covers the following areas:

  • Skills Restoration Exercises
  • Lymphedema Management and Care
  • Minimizing Fatigue by Work Simplification
  • Coordinating Return-to-Work Programs
  • Upper Extremity Strength Restoration
  • Coordinating Activities to Promote Independence
  • Chronic Pain Treatment
  • Regaining Mobility
  • Fatigue Management in Overcoming Disability
  • Minimizing Risk of Injuries and Health Complications
  • Management and Conservation of Energy
  • Improving Range of Motion
  • Occupational Therapy Equipment Training
  • Sensory Functions Restoration
  • Body Mechanics Rehabilitation
  • Fitting of Prosthetic Devices for Amputations

A lot of families are looking for a highly accredited provider or personalized occupational therapy. Rest assured that the services we provide to clients at Ideal Home Health Services, Inc. are tailor fit to the client’s needs. Our services are easily within reach for clients who live in Durham, North Carolina and the neighboring areas. If your loved one could use some help at home, please give us a call at 919-596-6811. We are ready to provide you with services anytime of the day, any day of the week.