Why Do Elders Choose to Age in Place?


The elderly have two choices when it comes to living out their golden years. First, they can move to an assisted living facility and commune with other seniors there. Second, they can choose to stay at home and age in place. Not surprisingly, the second option is more popular among people of senior age. The AARP says that 90% of the elderly in the United States want to age in place.

Why are home care and attached home health services in Carolina favored by the elderly? What benefits do they get from this choice?

First, choosing to age at home keeps the elderly in a familiar environment. You don’t have to worry about them getting stressed out by moving to a new environment. Stress has debilitating effects on the elderly. It can lead to anxiety and depression, both of which can lead to undesirable behavior. By choosing to age at their own homes, seniors can grow old in relative peace.

Another benefit is independence. The elderly have an intimate knowledge of their own house. This familiarity empowers them to do tasks with minimal assistance from their family members or home health aides. Specialists in home health care in Durham, North Carolina, are just there to provide help when needed. Independence for the seniors is their utmost priority.

Of course, whether the person chooses to age at home or in an assisted living facility, compassionate care is guaranteed.

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