About Us

Home Health Care in Durham, North Carolina

Ideal Home Health Services, Inc. exists to provide excellent home health care in Durham, North Carolina, to our clients to help them maintain an optimum quality of life in their homes. We have been in operation for over 15 years. Also, our staff members are licensed and certified in their respective disciplines.

Long-term hospitalization or nursing home admission can be quite expensive for clients, but when given the option of staying at home close to family, they might be drawn to this alternative for obvious reasons.

Home Health Care Advantages:

  • Clients experience more comfort at home.
  • Family members are close and can give moral support during recovery.
  • Clients get one-on-one care from their assigned health care professional.
  • Health services are tailored to their definitive needs.
  • Costs for health services are relatively more affordable compared to formal health care settings.

You or your family member could enjoy health services at home soon. Please contact Ideal Home Health Services, Inc. at 919-937-9964.