Our Mission Toward Fall Prevention


Every year, 3 million older adults are rushed into emergency rooms for fall injuries. What’s more, falling once increases one’s chances of falling again. Due to the myriad consequences that this can result in, we at Ideal Home Health Services Inc., a leading provider of home health care in North Carolina, find it crucial to equip seniors with the means to increase their safety against falls.

Here, we not only strive to create a difference in our community through our in-home aide services in Durham, North Carolina. We also go to great lengths to ensure that we convey essential tips and tidbits that can increase people’s health and well-being.

That being said, here are tips to help prevent falls among seniors:

  • Make an appointment with your healthcare provider:
    You should consult a provider to assess your risk and identify appropriate fall prevention techniques. In doing so, your healthcare practitioner may ask about your medicines, any prior falls, and current health concerns, so keep track of them before your consultation.
  • Keep moving
    Regular physical activity can significantly aid in preventing falls. If you are unsure how to start or what exercises to undertake, you can always seek assistance from home health services.
  • Remove home hazards
    Your home may also be laden with tripping hazards. Apart from your family members, you can also count on home care services to help you to assess and remove such hazards, particularly in walkways and other high-traffic areas.

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